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Segue Corp Moves to Become A Major Return Center/Repair/Refurb Depot

Posted by bstocks on 07/22/2009

June 28, 2009, Foothill Ranch, Ca-  Segue Corp, a premier reverse logistics and at-risk inventory management/ disposition company moves to  a new location with an 88,000-square-foot storage capacity.  The new Foothill Ranch facility has four times the space it had previously spread across four buildings in Rancho Santa Margarita.  

Segue Corp Headquarters, Warehouse and Return Center/ Refurb Facility

As a return center and refurb depot provider, Segue Corp is fast becoming the OEMs trusted choice for its "Recertified by Segue™ mark: refurb products that spells quality, warranty and reliability. As it diversifies its services from just being a remarketer of excess inventories into a leading refurb /repair center depot for many major OEMs' return products, the company continues to look for OEM partners as demand for refurb products from newly-created "born-for-value" consumers continues to climb.

The bigger warehouse is to meet the company’s current growth precipitated by the current recession which has left many manufacturers outsourcing their reverse logistics operations to cut operational costs and to put cash in their books.  Segue’s diversification from just being a remarketing company into a return center and refurb depot is to serve the needs of major OEMs like Microsoft, Targus (among their Fortune 100-500 partners) that are leading the current trend of outsourcing.  OEMs interested in checking the facility can make an appointment by contacting  For available current excess inventories, send your list to


Maria Lim, phone (949) 589-5040


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