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Posted by bstocks on 06/16/2009

Are you an OEM looking for a customized total solutions to your at-risk inventory? Are you considering the outsourcing of any of your asset disposition & current reverse logistics operations? Displeased with the result of having used the auction /bid method which not only provided a low return, but overexposed your products and brand causing a rapid decline in the market value of both of your A and B inventories?


Segue Corporation, the industry’s foremost leader in the remarketing of excess inventory, is an OEM driven, end-to-end, turn-key reverse logistics solution providing additional services of refurbishment, warranty, and customer returns processing. The company remarkets major brands of computer and consumer electronic product. Its prime focus is moving their OEM partner’s excess and stagnant inventories out the door in a fast turn-around. By bringing problem inventories quickly to the secondary market through their well-established alternative distribution channel, the company has long enjoyed long-term partnership with major companies such as Microsoft, Targus, Cerwin Vega, DuPont and Remington among others. Today’s current economic environment is becoming increasingly challenging. There is an unprecedented push by manufacturers to outsource reverse logistics and remarketing services for at-risk inventories in order to free up resources for all forward logistics issues. With the ever increasing fuel prices and with higher prices predicted in the near future, majority of manufacturers are seeking even more to reduce freight costs and incremental touch times of inventories to increase overall ROI. The reason for this need to outsource reverse logistics is to free up available resources which can be utilized for A-stock objectives. But even with this critical need, still, manufacturers are aware that to outsource this type of service requires their criteria to be met. They continue to require and demand greater control over where and how their at-risk products are sold to avoid damaging their A-stock values. What makes Segue the valid solution to manufacturing companies is the value-add it brings in the handling of its b-stocks disposition process. The company acts as the extension of its partners bringing to them the same objectives and solutions of (1) maximizing asset recovery (2) cost reduction (3) mitigation of channel conflict and, (2) protection of corporate brand and image- that comes with a stamp of approval from inventory holders that identify the long-term value of a partnership. Following this unique business model gives Segue the better advantage over the auction and bid method of providing the best revenue return and long-term solutions to their OEM partners. Segue’s strategy in delivering solutions has been streamlining, selecting and supporting only a limited number of Partners for an extended period of time. This ensures that there is no dilution in the quality of the services delivered and allows them to provide only the highest levels of focused service available to their valued partners. Their partners are from the industry’s best known manufacturers in the field of consumer, computer electronics and software.


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